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Drexel MCA5, MO [Prefix detail]



V: 07151 H: 04153


NPA 816:


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Rate centrePlan typeCall typeMonthly limit (minutes)NoteEffective date
Archie MCA5, MO     
Belton, MO     
Blue Springs, MO     
Bonner Springs, KS     
Buckner, MO     
Buckner MCA3, MO     
Camden Point, MO     
Camden Point MCA4, MO     
Cleveland, MO     
Cleveland MCA4, MO     
Dearborn MCA5, MO     
Drexel, MO     
East Lynne MCA5, MO     
Edgerton, MO     
Edgerton MCA4, MO     
Excelsior Springs, MO     
Excelsior Springs MCA4, MO     
Farley, MO     
Farley MCA3, MO     
Ferrelview, MO     
Ferrelview MCA3, MO     
Freeman MCA5, MO     
Garden City MCA5, MO     
Grain Valley, MO     
Grain Valley MCA3, MO     
Greenwood, MO     
Harrisonville, MO     
Harrisonville MCA4, MO     
Henrietta MCA5, MO     
Holden MCA5, MO     
Holt, MO     
Holt MCA4, MO     
Kansas City, KS     
Kansas City, MO     
Kearney, MO     
Kearney MCA3, MO     
Kingsville MCA5, MO     
Lake Lotawana, MO     
Lake Lotawana MCA3, MO     
Lathrop MCA5, MO     
Lawson MCA5, MO     
Leavenworth Lansing, MO     
Lees Summit, MO     
Liberty, MO     
Lonejack, MO     
Lonejack MCA4, MO     
Missouri City, MO     
Missouri City MCA3, MO     
Oak Grove, MO     
Oak Grove MCA4, MO     
Odessa MCA5, MO     
Olathe, KS     
Orrick, MO     
Orrick MCA4, MO     
Peculiar, MO     
Peculiar MCA4, MO     
Platte City, MO     
Platte City MCA3, MO     
Plattsburg MCA5, MO     
Pleasant Hill, MO     
Pleasant Hill MCA4, MO     
Richmond MCA5, MO     
Smithville, MO     
Smithville MCA3, MO     
Strasburg MCA5, MO     
Trimble, MO     
Trimble MCA4, MO     
Wellington MCA5, MO     
West Cleveland, KS     
West Cleveland Metro, KS     
West Drexel, KS     
West Drexel Metro, KS     
Weston, MO     
Weston MCA4, MO     

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