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  • Effective date searches are available only for US area codes. Our sources for non-US NPA-NXX data do not provide this information.
  • If you want to search an entire area code regardless of activity, leave both the next and past days fields set to zero.


NPA-NXX BLOCK Rate Centre Region Switch LATA LIR Eff date Disc date
254-302 A Waco TX WACOTX01GT0  556      
325-275 A Abilene TX ABLNTXORGT0  550      
361-365 A Corpus Christi TX CRCHTXTUGT0  564      
409-251 A Beaumont TX BUMTTXTEGT0  562      
430-229 A Longview TX LGVWTXPLGT0  554      
432-261 A Midland TX MDLDTXMUGT0  542      
806-460 A Lubbock TX LBCKTXPSGT0  544      
906-429 A Marquette MI MRQTMIMNGT0  342      
940-275 A Wichita Falls TX WCFLTXNIGT0  548      
956-339 A Harlingen TX HRLNTXHGGT0  568      

Last updated: Wed, 01 Jun 2022 03:09:23 UTC

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