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Last updated: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 03:27:50 UTC

Pasadena: La CaƱada DA, CA [Prefix detail] [Map]


V: 09190 H: 07860


Includes all or part of:

NPA 818:

354 393 495 583 659 790 864 928 949 952

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Rate centre Plan type Call type Monthly limit (minutes) Note Effective date
Alhambra, CAZUM2
Arcadia, CAZUM2
Beverly Hills, CAZUM3
Burbank: Burbank DA, CAZUM1
Burbank: Sun Valley DA, CAZUM2
El Monte, CAZUM3
Glendale, CAZUM1
La Crescenta, CAZUM1
Los Angeles: DA 01, CAZUM2
Los Angeles: DA 02, CAZUM2
Los Angeles: DA 03, CAZUM1
Los Angeles: DA 04, CAZUM2
Los Angeles: DA 05, CAZUM2
Los Angeles: DA 07, CAZUM3
Los Angeles: DA 08, CAZUM3
Los Angeles: DA 10, CAZUM2
Los Angeles: DA 11, CAZUM3
Los Angeles: DA 12, CAZUM3
Los Angeles: DA 13, CAZUM3
Los Angeles: DA 14, CAZUM2
Monrovia, CAZUM2
Montebello, CAZUM3
North Hollywood, CAZUM2
Pasadena: Pasadena DA, CAZUM1
San Fernando: Pacoima DA, CAZUM3
San Fernando: San Fernando DA, CAZUM3
Sierra Madre, CAZUM2
Sunland-Tujunga, CAZUM1
Van Nuys, CAZUM3

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